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Ben Wolfe

My Kinda Beautiful


1. Intro
2. Through and Through
3. The Doctor in December
4. Interlude (Who’s Blues)
5. Americano
6. My Kinda Beautiful
7. F Minor (The Drive)
8. String Quartet
9. Tune for T
10. Interlude (Bass)
11. Stone
12. Wild West
13. You, Me, Them
14. Interlude (The Poet)
15. Death
16. Three Like
17. The Many and The One
18. Americano
19. Outro

All compositions by Ben Wolfe


Ben Wolfe, bass
Ron Steen, drums
Steve Christofferson, piano
Ned Goold, tenor and alto saxophone
Paul Mazio, trumpet and flugelhorn
Jeff Uusitalo, trombone
Stan Bock, trombone
Dave Bryan, trombone
Margaret Bichteler, violin
Janet Dubay, violin
Janet George, violin
Kathleen Follett, violin
Shauna Keyes, viola
Brenda Liu, viola
Pansy Chang, cello
Dieter Ratzlaf, cello
Phil Hanson, cello (3)